Wednesday, August 24, 2016

A Preface

8 1/2 years ago I started a blog using the first names of my husband, Joey, and myself. It seemed like the cool thing for newlyweds to do at the time ̶ start a family blog, post pictures, and write updates about vacations, holidays, and major family events. We were super cute, so obviously the world needed to see us.

It quickly became evident that this was not really a family blog. It was my blog. But the title made me uncomfortable with writing personal essays and publishing them as "joeykatie." While I enjoyed reading the blogs my friends wrote about their families, I did not feel comfortable with the unspoken pressure to write personal details about my children and family events.

Did I really need to post monthly updates about my babies? If I didn't include a picture of every family member present at a reunion, would I hurt someone's feelings?

My anxiety over whether I should be publishing personal thoughts on a family blog and not wanting to overexpose my children on the internet led me to stop blogging 2 1/2 years ago.

That time frame coincides with the time I stopped teaching college writing classes. I finished my last section the week I had my second baby (I had to cancel the last day of class because I went into labor). When I found out I was pregnant with my third baby, I decided to wait longer than I initially had planned to return to teaching. In the meantime, I run a book club with some friends in my neighborhood, I'm making glacially slow progress on writing my first novel, and I use books and audiobooks like oxygen ̶ the key components to keeping my body and mind functioning amidst the madness magic of raising three kids.

Enter Read In, Breathe Out. This is my space to write about books and the issues that matter to me. My husband and children may make guest appearances, but this is my show. I hope you'll come back often.


  1. Ha! "We were super cute..."
    But seriously this is great.

  2. I also live in madness. No wait! Magic!! 😉❤