Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Mindy Kaling is Stalking Me

This evening I got a notification on my phone that The Mindy Project followed me on Twitter (@katierich87). As in, "the official Twitter profile for #MindyOnHulu." As in, the show written, produced, and starred in by the inimitable Mindy Kaling. Considering that I have not seen any episodes of the show, do not follow The Mindy Project on Twitter, and have a total of 36 followers, this was a surprise. And very suspicious.

The only possible explanation why I am one of the 180K people that The Mindy Project follows is that Mindy Kaling is personally stalking me.

A couple of weekends ago, I listened to not one, but both of Mindy's books.

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns)  is a collection of essays spanning topics like being the chubby daughter of hard-working Indian immigrants, dumping her Dartmouth sorority sisters, breaking her best friend's nose on stage in their off-Broadway production of Matt & Ben, and writing for The Office (wherein she confirms what we all knew--Rainn Wilson is the worst).
I felt a certain affinity for Mindy in this book. Like Shonda Rhimes discusses in her book Year of Yes, there is a sisterhood in Hollywood for Dartmouth grads. Meredith Grey is my spirit animal, and she is a Dartmouth grad. Never mind that she is a fictional character of Shonda's creation--she is real enough for me.

CONSPIRACY THEORY 1: Mindy knows that BYU is just the Dartmouth of the West and followed me on Twitter as the first step to inviting me to brunch with her and Shonda.

I paused the book at one point to text my friend Brooke and tell her she needs to stop everything she is doing and start. reading. this. book. right. now.

CONSPIRACY THEORY 2: Mindy has her friends at Google searching all Android devices for any individual's mention of her name so she can then follow them on Twitter.

Because the audio version of her book is only about five hours long and I listened to it at 1.4x speed, it went by too quickly. I had a lot of cleaning/dog walking/cooking while I ignored my boys let my boys play outside that weekend, so I immediately downloaded her second book, Why Not Me?

Mindy says that if her first book was wanting everyone to like her, this one is wanting everyone to really know her. It covers more about how awful Rainn Wilson is, how she and BJ Novak are soup snakes/soul mates, starting The Mindy Project, and a hilarious side essay about her life as a high school teacher were she to have never made it to Hollywood.

CONSPIRACY THEORY 3: Mindy somehow knows that I bought a second copy of BJ Novak's book The Book With No Pictures  from the elementary school book fair to donate to my son's class. The first copy was a gift to Brooke's son (not one, but two mentions, Brooke!) and I promised my son I would buy him a (third!) copy at a later time. Mindy follows anyone who buys more than one copy of BJ's books.

I frequently laughed out loud while listening to Mindy and I was inspired to work harder and write more.  I rated each book a 4/5 on Goodreads, which for me is in the "I solidly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to friends" category.

CONSPIRACY THEORY 4: Mindy closely tracks anyone who rates her books on Goodreads and follows them on Twitter to draw them in closer so she can invite them to join her secret cult.

Like Donald Trump, I do not believe in or support conspiracy theories. Ultimately, I have no idea why The Mindy Project followed me when I so rarely even open Twitter on my phone. I watch very little TV, but I may just put down a book for a minute and start watching The Mindy Show.

Well played, Mindy Kaling. Well played.


  1. As you should! I loved her books too and her show is one of my favorites. Always makes me laugh.

  2. I felt the same way when The Bloggess followed me on twitter. 'Cept I stalked her first.